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Products & Services

Lebo Winders are Agents for The Following

Neu Bergmann, KEW Foundries, MG castings, Umholi, Deebar, S-Tech, Trimat, WEM/Indusquip as well as the ACDC Platinum
Partnership. A list of our brands and agencies are; Stone Stamcor, Kamarossi , Powertech, Radiant , CCG, Powermite.

Variable Speed Drives
  • AC Drives
  • DC Drives
  • Soft Starter Drives
  • Servo Drives
  • Computers and Programmers
  • Programming of Software

  • We Supply and Repair all Electrical Components on Mine Winders
  • Upgrades and Manufacturing on Mine Winders
  • Spares and Repairs on Winders
  • Repairs to Liquid Controllers
  • Manufacturing of Electrodes and Roses
  • The Supply and Installation of Generators and UPS Solar
  • Backup Systems
  • We Supply and Repair all Mechanical Components on Mine Winders
  • Winder Brakes
  • Brake linings – Supply and Installation of Woven Non-Asbestos Lining
  • Machining of Brake Paths
  • Machining of Koepe Winder Rope Inserts
  • Hydraulic Valves
  • Filtration
  • Machining of Various Components
  • Spares
  • Installation of Large Machines i.e. Mine Winders
  • Strip of Large Machines i.e. Mine Winders

  • Repair Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Repair Hydraulic Components
  • Manufacture Trackless Machine Components
  • Repair Power Packs

  • Winder Ropes
  • Chair Lift Rope
  • Mono Winch Ropes
  • Lifting Equipment

Sheave Wheels
  • Manufacture and Supply KEW Sheave Wheels
  • Refurbish Sheave Wheels
  • Strip and Assemble Sheave Wheels on Site
  • Inserts (Machine Sheave Wheels for Installation of Inserts)
  • Take Profiles
  • Machine Profiles
  • NDT
  • On Site Repairs
  • Torque Bolts
  • Laser Alignment (Fleet Angle)

HT Switchgear
  • Primary and Secondary Injection Testing
  • Pressure Test of Vacuum Bottles Interrupters (Bottles)
  • Installation of Switchgear
  • Repairs of VCB’S and OCB’S
  • Repairs of Vacuum Contractors
  • Manufacture Starter Panels
  • Protection Relays
  • Power Factor Correction

Overhead Lines
  • Installation of Lines up to 33kv
  • Maintenance of Lines

Electrical Components
  • Supply of All Electrical Components

  • NDT Winder Brake Components
  • NDT Rope Attachments
  • Injection Testing of Protection Relays
  • Pressure Testing
  • Infra – Red Testing
  • Ductor Testing
  • Level 1 Audits on Mine Winders
  • Dynamic Brake Testing on Mine Winder
  • Decelerometer Testing
  • Measurements of Shaft Guides
  • Main Fan Audits
  • Sheave Wheel Audits
  • Sheave Wheel Providers
  • Machine Sheave Wheel Profile
  • Sheave Wheel Alignment
  • Torque Sheave Wheel Bolts
  • EMRT
  • Call Outs and Fault Finding
  • Authorise Distributor of Fuel and Oil Filtering Systems

Electrical Cable
  • HT Cable XLPE
  • HT PLIC Cable
  • LT Cable
  • Electrical Cable

  • Electrical Panels
  • Cable Joints
  • CCG Glands
  • Lighting Cable, Cable and Cable Accessories
  • Instrumentation and Testing Equipment
  • Stone Stamcor (Lugs and Ferrules – Copper and Aluminium- etc.)
  • Transformers
  • Full Range Electrical Spares
  • Manufacturing of Moli Bond, Sealant and Bonding Agent
  • Manufacturing of Driverless LED Lighting

LT Switchgear
  • Manufacture Motor Control Centre Panels
  • Manufacture Full Range of Starter Panels
  • Manufacture Winch Starters
  • Full Range of Electrical Spares i.e. ACDC Dynamics
Lebo Winders (PTY) Ltd

BEE (Broad-base Black Economic Empowerment)
Lebo Winders is Level 2 QSME Company
51% Black Ownership

Lebo Winders is an Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical Supply, Design and Manufacturing Company.
We Sell and Repair Mining, Industrial Electrical and Mechanical Equipment.
No.  11 13th Street
Industrial Area
Welkom, 9459
+27 (0)57 355 6650
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